The Red Book

The SysSecSysSec Roadmap for Systems Security Research

What is the Red Book?

The SysSec Red Book is a Roadmap in the area of Systems Security, as prepared by the SysSec consortium and its constituency. For preparing this roadmap a  Task Force of young researchers with proven track of record in the area was assembled and collaborated with the senior researchers of SysSec. Additionally, the SysSec Community has been consulted to provide input on the contents of the roadmap.

Why in book format?

This roadmap is the culmination of the first three years of SysSec efforts. A lot of hard work has been put into it and we believe it can help shape the Systems Security Research in Europe. In order to fully realize this potential, we opted for a printed book format so that the document can be read in concentration, away from the "electronic noise" of a computer. The hard copies of the Red Book are already being prepared by the print press and details on how they will be distributed will be announced soon.

Who can benefit from this effort?

Our aim from the beginning of this effort was to make the Red Book useful to the all stakeholders in the area of Systems Security. The whole book has been structured with this goal in mind. Here is what different groups of stakeholders may expect to find in the Red Book.

Policy Makers

In addition to the Executive Summary which provides a high-level overview of its contents, the Red Book also contains a separate chapter dedicated to the Grand Challenge Research Problems in the area of Systems Security. These problems call for the collaboration of several Research Organizations and the support of leading funding Agencies.


We believe that the book will be useful to young and experienced researchers alike. Young researchers may find interesting topics to be solved within the context of a Ph.D. thesis at the end of each chapter. Experienced researchers will find an in-depth coverage of the various research problems in the area.


The Red Book includes average and worst case scenarios for all the emerging threats it covers. This can help journalists raising the public awareness for these threats without underestimating or overplaying their impact.

Download now!

Click on the cover image to download the Red Book in pdf format. The Red Book will also be printed in hard copies. Details on how these will be distributed will be announced soon.

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