The Red Book

The SysSecSysSec Roadmap for Systems Security Research

Frequently Asked Questions

How shall I link to the Red Book?

If you want to mention the Red Book in a forum post, email etc. we recommend linking to Linking directly to the pdf document is possible but discouraged.

How should I cite the Red Book?

If you are using BibTeX, please use this entry for citing the Red Book:

 title = {The Red Book: A Roadmap for Systems Security Research},
 publisher = {{The SysSec Consortium}},
 year = {2013},
 editor = {Evangelos Markatos and Davide Balzarotti},
 month = {August},
 url = {},
 abstract = {The Red Book presents a roadmap in the area of
    systems security, as prepared by the SysSec consortium and its
    constituency in the first half of 2013.},

For other uses, please use the text below:

Evangelos Markatos and Davide Balzarotti (editors). The Red Book: A Roadmap for Systems Security Research. Available on: The SysSec Consortium, August 2013.

Can you send me a hard copy?

If you are a SysSec Associate Member, definitely yes! In fact you don't even have to ask. We will contact you as soon as we receive the Red Book copies to provide us with your address.

In other cases, most likely, yes! A form for requesting your copy will be made available soon.

Can you send me more than one hard copies?

It depends. Please provide us with more information.

Will there be a follow up to the Red Book?

Quite likely. Stay tuned!